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Nomadic List: Top 25 Coldest Cities

Which cities should I avoid in winter? Top 25 coldest cities; Saint Petersburg, Warsaw, Prague and other budget destinations


The January problem

This South African blogger is probably not brave enough to spend my January in some of these coldest cities.  Are you up for average January night-time temperatures of (8.0°C)/ 17.6°F in Saint Petersburg? Think I should stick to Jo’burg or Cape Town rather to avoid freezing toes.

Clearly there is no need to fear winter in many of the Asian cities. In fact, the mildest months in Bangkok, Colombo, Bali, Johor Bahru and Phuket may be the best time of the year to go.  I’m sure many digital nomads pack for January in Asia.

Coldest budget destinations

Here is a rundown of the average night-time lows for the Nomadic You budget destinations. Yes, there are certainly colder places than Phuket, but it is still useful to see how cold (or not so cold) Thailand can be.

City Rank Coldest Average Low
1 SaintPetersburg January (8.0°C) 17.6°F
2 Warsaw January (4.2°C) 24.4°F
3 Prague January (4.0°C) 25.0°F
4 Budapest January (1.6°C) 29.1°F
5 Santiago July 2.5°C 36.5°F
6 Istanbul January 3.2°C 37.8°F
7 Johannesburg June 4.1°C 39.4°F
8 Antalya January 5.9°C 42.6°F
9 Athens January 6.8°C 44.2°F
10 Cape Town July 7.0°C 44.6°F
11 Mexico City January 7.4°C 45.3°F
12 Delhi January 7.6°C 45.7°F
13 Bogota January 7.6°C 45.7°F
14 Buenos Aires July 7.7°C 45.9°F
15 Lisbon January 8.3°C 46.9°F
16 Hanoi January 13.7°C 56.7°F
17 Lima August 14.6°C 58.3°F
18 Chiang Mai January 14.9°C 58.8°F
19 Bangalore January 15.8°C 60.4°F
20 PlayaDelCarmen January 17.9°C 64.2°F
21 Bangkok December 22.0°C 71.6°F
22 Colombo January 22.3°C 72.1°F
23 Bali August 22.5°C 72.5°F
24 Johor Bahru January 23.3°C 73.9°F
25 Phuket December 24.4°C 75.9°F

 @NomadicYou Is a cheap winter #citybreak enough to make you brave the #Prague cold? How do you make the most of winter in your nomadic city?