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Nomadic List: Top 10 affordable Visa Free countries

Affordable visa free countries for digital nomads and downshifters. US and UK citizens have plenty of options, from Peru to South Africa and more


Slow Travel

For the digital nomads working remotely from all corners of the globe is easy if you have a good Wi-Fi connection. But the cost of all those flights soon adds up. That will simply not do; having to work long gig economy hours and not having time for the Antalya beaches or pubs.

Try some slow travel then to keep the airfare budget down. These 10 visa free countries are both affordable and come without the visa fuss. Of course, UK citizens can make use of their Visa free entry in to Europe before the Brexit negotiations topple the apple cart. US citizens can also enjoy 3 months visa free travel to the 26 Schengen area countries. (Pity then I only hold a South African passport.)

Visa Run

Downshifters will likely be more concerned with the retirement visa requirements. Although you could bypass even this, by doing a visa run and popping back to your home country each time the tourist visa expires.

What is stopping you then? Escaping the gloomy English weather or a Trump presidency is easier than you think! (Apparently the Canadian immigration website has crashed as I write, hehe) Now all you need to do is convince your significant other; but it should be an easy sell, who can resist Peru or Mexico?

Top 10 affordable Visa Free countries

  1.       Peru: Visa Free up to 183 days on arrival
  2.       Mexico: 180 days Visa Free
  3.       Turkey: 3 months with an eVisa
  4.       Malaysia: 3 months Visa Free
  5.       South Africa: 90 days Visa Free
  6.       Argentina: 90 days Visa free
  7.       Chile: 90 days Visa free
  8.       Colombia: 90 days Visa Free
  9.       Ecuador: 90 days Visa Free
  10.   Nepal: 90 days Visa on Arrival

@NomadicYou Do you prefer slow #travel or a quick visit. #Peru, #Nepal or #Turkey? And how long do you need to immerse yourself?