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Quality of living on the cheap for downshifters

Quality of living without the steep price. Numbeo and Mercer stats reveal the best cities to downshift to: Lisbon, Prague, Cape Town and more budget destinations.

Quality of Living Lisbon Photo by mass147
Quality of Living Lisbon Photo by mass147

Yes, Sydney and Zurich do give their citizens a fantastic quality of living, but that lifestyle comes at a steep price. Instead downshifters look to simplify their lives. And will prefer a low-cost destination that allows them to relax more and work less.

Quality of living comparison

The good news is that it is possible to lead a quality of life on the cheap! Nomadic You has delved into the stats and come up with this comparison of quality of living according to Numbeo and Mercer.

www.numbeo.com says their Quality of Life Index is an estimation of overall quality of life based on several factors. It considers purchasing power, pollution index, house price to income ratio, cost of living index, safety index, health care index, traffic commute time index and climate index.

The Mercer quality of living survey rates 221 cities based on 39 factors. These include political, economic, environmental, personal safety, health, education, transportation and other public service factors. www.mercer.com

Top 20 Quality of Life Budget Destinations

Nomadic You has compared Numbeo and Mercer and summarized the results into our Top 20 Quality of Life Budget Destinations. Lisbon tops the list after being scored 38/141 cities by Numbeo and 44/221 cities by Mercer. Surprisingly Bangalore, which is Nomadic You’s cheapest budget destination, fares well in terms of quality of life too. Now if only Bangalore had a beach.

NomadicYou.com City Rank Numbeo (of 141 cities) Mercer (of 221 cities)
1 Lisbon 38 44
2 Prague 51 69
3 Cape Town 37 89
4 Warsaw 72 84
5 Budapest 91 74
6 Johannesburg 78 94
7 Athens 96 83
8 Buenos Aires 102 81
9 Santiago 100 91
10 Istanbul 103 117
11 Bangalore 85 139
12 Mexico City 112 120
13 Lima 115 121
14 Johor Bahru >141 100
15 Bogota 116 130
16 Bangkok 135 115
17 Colombo 129 135
18 Delhi 127 143
19 Saint Petersburg 119 163
20 Hanoi >141 147

 @NomadicYou Which quality of living #downsizing option is for you #Prague and #Bangalore? Or #seaside in #Lisbon or Cape Town?