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Nomad Books: Escaping Corporate

Being a digital nomad or downshifting author. NomadicRudolph tells why he is choosing to publish Escaping Corporate as an e-book


Downshifting Author

I have a love for self-help books, maps, lists and other useful info. It seemed to me that since I have decided to try the gig economy, I may as well research before I leap. What are the best ways to earn income working remotely? Which budget destinations have good Wi-Fi and cheap alcohol? Should I try van living or AirBnB? Then it occurred to me, why not get tips from other digital nomads and downshifters and learn from their mistakes. All this info should make for a pretty good e-book.

Cat and Keyboard

I have decided to self-publish on Amazon before I consider going to print. It is quite a process: writing, editing, formatting, submitting to Amazon and then doing some marketing too.Luckily for me, I know a very good editor and manuscript evaluator; Loukie Adlem. She is editing away at Escaping Corporate. I love the name of her website, it is titled CatandKeyboard.com. Give her a shout if you are an aspiring author looking to self-publish too.



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 @nomadicyou Are you considering #remotework as an #author? What are the perks of writing away from home?