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Country Comparison of Budget LGBT Destinations

London, San Francisco and Sydney are gay friendly. But sadly, they aren’t cheap.  Nomadic You lists some alternative;

Best LGBT Budget Destination Prague. Photo by GGAADD
Best LGBT Budget Destination Prague. Photo by GGAADD

Best Budget LGBT Destinations.

Europe and South America are a safe bet for a fun holiday in a gay-friendly country. The Pew Research Centre finds that very few citizens in the Czech Republic and Argentina find homosexuality to be unacceptable.

It is a pity that their 2013 survey is quite old and didn’t cover more countries. So, to get an idea of LGBT views for more countries, Nomadic You has included info on countries that supported gay rights at the United Nations in 2008.

Country Homosexuality Acceptable? Yes No UN 2008
  Czech Rep. 56% 14% Yes
  Argentina 49% 27% Yes
  Chile 45% 32% Yes
  Mexico 36% 40% Yes
  Poland 22% 44% Yes
  Greece 24% 45% Yes
  Portugal * * Yes
  Thailand * * Yes
  Peru * * Yes
  Hungary * * Yes
  Colombia * * Yes
  Vietnam * * Yes
  South Africa 18% 62% Yes
  India 9% 67% *
  Turkey 4% 78% *
  Russia 9% 72% *
  Indonesia 3% 93% No
  Malaysia 4% 88% No

LGBT Malaysia and Indonesia

Malaysia is at the bottom of the list. But, LGBT travelers can still consider Johor Bahru as a destination since the gay scene in neighbouring Singapore is easy to access.

And while Indonesia ranks second from bottom, Bali is a good choice for LGBT travelers. The Balinese are Hindu and more accepting than the rest of Indonesia which is predominantly Muslim.

Global Views on Morality

The Pew Research Centre asked the question “Do you personally believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or is it not a moral issue?” They found that half or more in most of the 40 nations polled say that homosexuality is unacceptable. However, Europeans are much less likely to say homosexuality is unacceptable – this is especially true in Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Britain, and Italy, where about 20% or fewer express this opinion.

LGBT Rights United Nations 2008

The first declaration concerning gay rights was put before the UN in 2008. According to Wikipedia, The statement includes a condemnation of violence, harassment, discrimination, exclusion, stigmatization, and prejudice based on sexual orientation. 96 member states of the UN supported the declaration. The 54 countries that opposed the declaration are mostly from Africa and Asia.

@NomadicYou Does somewhere in Europe or South America top your Budget LGBT Destinations?