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The best freelancing gigs list

Get your remote work on with Fiverr and five others. The largest websites for remote work and best freelancing gigs listed for you

Best Freelancing Gigs
Best Freelancing Gigs

Did you know, the largest freelancer marketplace Upwork has three million jobs posted annually, worth a total of $1 billion USD? Fiverr and Freelancer can’t be too far off the $1 billion mark either.

To get started with your own slice of freelancing in the gig economy, all you need is a computer, internet connection, and some marketable skills.

Your next step is creating a profile of your proven skills and building a solid reputation with your clients. Your hourly rate may start of low, but Upwork finds that, on average, freelancers increase their hourly rate almost 60% in the first year and close to 190% over 3 years. Feeling inspired? Check out these most popular freelancing gigs:

#1 Gigs at Upwork

How big? With an Alexa rank of 336, Upwork has twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients.

1.       Web Developers 2.       Virtual Assistants
3.       Mobile Developers 4.       Customer Service Agents
5.       Designers and Creatives 6.       Sales and Marketing Experts
7.       Writers 8.       Accountants and Consultants

#2 Gigs at Fiverr

A close second is Fiverr, with an Alexa Rank of #347 and 25 million completed projects.

1.       Graphics and Design 2.       Digital Marketing
3.       Writing and Translation 4.       Video and Animation
5.       Music and Audio 6.       Programming and Tech
7.       Advertising 8.       Business

#3 Gigs at Freelancer

The number three has an Alexa rank of #827 and over 21 million registered users.

1.       Website Development 2.       Web Design
3.       SEO Marketing 4.       Mobile App
5.       Article Writing 6.       Business Card
7.       Logo Design 8.       Data Entry
9.       Graphic Design 10.   Internet Marketing

 #4 Gigs at Peopleperhour

In number four with an Alexa rank of #4,112, Peopleperhour has 250,000 active users, of whom 180,000 are freelancers.

1.       Design 2.       Web Development
3.       Writing and Translation 4.       Sales and Marketing
5.       Video, Photo and Audio 6.       Social Media
7.       Business Support 8.       Software development and mobile

 #5 Gigs at 99designs

At a creative five, 99 Designs has an Alexa rank of #4,973, 1.34 million talented designers and 364,571 happy customers.

1.       Logo Design 2.       Packaging Design
3.       Logo and Brand Identity 4.       Logo and Website
5.       T-Shirt Design 6.       Car Wrap Design
7.       Logo and Business Card  

 #6 Gigs at Guru

Wrapping up the top 6, Guru has an Alexa rank of #7136, 1.5 million members worldwide and 1 million completed jobs.

1.       Web, Software and IT 2.       Writing & Translation
3.       Management & Finance 4.       Engineering & Architecture
5.       Design, Art & Multimedia 6.       Admin Support
7.       Sales & Marketing 8.       Legal

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