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Remote working and digital nomad productivity tips

What to do when faced with energy draining distractions? Work hard and play hard with these;

Don't bang your head, use these Digital Nomad Productivity Tips. Photo from Flickr
Don’t bang your head, use these Digital Nomad Productivity Tips. Photo from Flickr

Top 10 digital nomad productivity tips.

If you don’t already have an ambitious, rigidly organized, proactive, and time-management centered Type A personality, then this list is for you! From dealing with distractions to maintaining your creativity, Nomadic You has this advice:

1.    Plan the night before

Avoid those mornings umming and ahing in front of your laptop, by planning the night before. Jot down a couple of tasks at the end of your work day that need your attention in the morning. This will free your mind from dwelling on outstanding tasks and you will be able to have a relaxing eve. Although, some people just use alcohol for this?

2.    Start early, but have an end-time

With your list of task in hand, you’re bound to get tons done in the morning. All those “early bird” sayings can’t be wrong; or it could just be the power of caffeine.

As useful is to decide on closing-time for your day’s work. Maintaining a work-life balance is tough for the workaholics out there. Also, having a closing-time will help you stay focused.

3.    Silence your mobile everything

You’ll be far less distracted if you don’t get a twitter notification every time someone likes one of your tweets. Go to your “Profile and Settings” and disable your email and web notifications.

The same goes for Facebook; turn off the email notifications and the App requests and activity under “Notification Settings”. You won’t know when friends log onto Angry Birds, but you will survive.

4.    Avoiding distractions from your laptop

While on Facebook also remember to turn off those Chrome notifications in the corner of your computer screen. You can take things a step further by only having one tab open at a time. Of course, there is an App for that!

  • Freedom for blocking distracting websites.
  • Cold Turkey for blocking distraction free periods.
  • StayFocusd to allocate yourself a maximum number of minutes per day for distracting sites.

5.    Stay out of the kitchen

Apparently, the Jamie Oliver’s out there can get carried away whipping up a meal or baking away for hours. If this sounds like you, then try to prepare some snacks before you get started.  Preparing the night before, will be optimal if you are at your most productive in the morning.

6.    Take breaks and naps

The Pomodoro technique suggests you set a timer to work in 25 minute bursts, then have a short break. Taking frequent breaks can keep your energy levels up during the day.

For some, the best medicine for that post-lunch slump is a guilt free afternoon siesta. The joy of remote working is not being too far from your comfortable bed.

7.    Creative surroundings

If you are remote working from home, try to change things up by working from a coffee shop or library. This should boost your creativity. Digital nomads will experience a lot of change in scenery, but not all venues will work well.

I love this tip by Hailley Griffis @hailleymari

“When I’m landing in a new city and looking for a great spot to work from, with power, wifi, coffee and great vibes, I usually send out a Tweet or message local friends for suggestions.”

8.    Keep your sanity with some human interaction

Loneliness is one of the biggest draw-backs of working from home. And digital nomads often don’t stay put in one place long enough to build friendships. Your wellbeing will suffer if you are on your laptop for long-periods of time. Be sure to interact with those around you.

9.    Be flexibile and move around

You’ll know when you’ve hit a wall with your project. The benefit of not having a boss watching you across the room, is that you don’t need to push forth. Alternate the mental exertion of your project with some physical exertion. Do some laundry, go for a run or just move around a bit.

10. Leave calls (and social media) for the afternoon

Make no mistake, our obsession with Facebook has made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. But, poking and liking won’t get you to your goals. Assuming you are more productive in the mornings, this time is best reserved for work rather than calls or social media.

@NomadicYou How do you find balance between work and play? Which of these digital nomad productivity tips are you already using?