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Leap and think later? Leaving Corporate Life

When leaving your #9to5 job for a flexible gig economy job, is it better to leap or strategise carefully? The answer may surprise you.

Blue Monday? Could be time for Leaving Corporate Life www.NomadicYou.com
Blue Monday? Could be time for Leaving Corporate Life

I love this quote by Monique Hohnberg, Founder of #RiseRegardless ™: “When u do something brand new it can be confusing on how to proceed. Thinking won’t help. Move forward each day & the path will become clear

These words made me reflect on my journey from working in corporate to becoming a digital nomad. If you are considering a lifestyle change, you may fall into the same over-thinking trap I did.

Leaving Corporate Life for the Brand New

I left my job as a Risk Specialist not knowing exactly what would be next. Yes, I have some holiday lets, so I would have to find time for that. But, the rest was all up in the air.

There are so many options when you join the gig economy. Should I blog, vlog, publish or freelance? The choices can be confusing indeed.

When you work remotely, you also have many options on where to work from. A beach in Thailand, the local Coffee shop or public library are all viable options.

Things I overthought

Initially, I spent a lot of time thinking about how friends and family would react to me leaving corporate for remote work. “What will you be doing?” is normally the first question. More holiday lets seemed to be the safest answer, this was something tried and tested and something concrete people could relate to.

In the meantime, I decide to study self-publishing so that I can help my brother publish his book on philosophy and religion. And I did some research on a digital nomad path. Putting one and one together I decided to write my own non-fiction book; “Escaping Corporate: 101 Tips from Digital Nomads and Downshifters”

Moving forward each day

Now, as I learn more about remote work, the idea of more holiday lets isn’t as appealing anymore. And I have come to accept that moving forward each day even without a crystal-clear plan is okay.

With each new All-In-One For Dummies Book and with each new e-learning lesson my mind is opening up to new possibilities. Along the way, I am building up valuable skills that will help me to make it in the gig economy, from WordPress to SEO, skills that I never had before as a Risk Specialist.

The path is becoming clear

I haven’t found a good work-life balance yet. I find myself excited with all the new skills, possibilities and seeing the instant reward of more blog page views. It is easy to get distracted with social media marketing too and I haven’t been giving myself a lot of downtime.

But, in time I will settle down into a better rhythm. I will see which blog posts are more popular and reduce distractions, starting with my smartphone notifications. I expect to be even happier with my lifestyle change than I already am.

Monique Hohnberg is so right. Sometimes you just need to take the leap and figure things out as you go. This over-thinker is glad he did.

@NomadicYou Are you considering leaving corporate life? What has you most confused about the path to follow?