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The $38.64 Daily Digital Nomad Budget

Nomadic You covers 25 cities where you can live as a digital nomad for an average $38.64 per day. Keep your cost of living on track with these;

Top 10 Digital Nomad Budget Tips.

Digital Nomad Budget Tips. Photo Pixabay
Digital Nomad Budget Tips. Photo Pixabay

#1 Stay Longer

When you change destinations often your airfares and transport costs add up. Rather be a slow traveler. You may even qualify for long-stay discounts on your accommodation; For example, many AirBnB places offer discounts for stays over 28 days.

#2 Plan your flights

Yes, Bangalore and Chiang Mai are cheap. But, if you are a long-distance flight away, then the cost of living savings will evaporate with your expensive airfare. Also, it is best to choose cities with busier aviation hubs, where more airlines are competing on routes.

#3 Choose Cheaper Destinations

MakingItAnywhere.com finds that their trips as a couple to SE Asia, “usually works out at about £1,000 ($1,700) a month. That’s why it pays to spend months and months in SE Asia.”

#4 Reduce the Visa runs

Many affordable countries have generous visa entry rules that allow you to stay for 90 or 180-days visa free. Try to choose these countries rather than ones where you’ll have to make a run for the border after 30 days.

#5 Eat with the locals

Amazingly, a meal at an inexpensive local restaurant in Bangalore can be had for S1.79. That is even cheaper than a $2.41 Big Mac Meal would cost you. And I’m sure tastier too! Good idea then to make friends with the local and ask them where they eat. They may even invite you for dinner.

#6 Public transport

We love featuring budget hotels near public transport. Sometimes it pays to pay a bit extra for conveniently located accommodation, rather than spending extra on taxi fares. Check out our Emoji Maps on Pinterest.

#7 Travel as a couple or in group

Sharing an apartment is often cheaper than getting a studio. For example, in Athens a furnished studio apartment will cost around $408. But, sharing a larger apartment means you could split the $595 rent in half at $298 each. (Being coupled up with someone who is not high maintenance can also help.)

#8 Go small, make the city your lounge

Numbeo.com has some excellent stats on the average monthly cost of renting a furnished 45 m2 studio apartments. We have summarized the info for our Top 25 budget destinations. Antalya and Bangalore top the list. Continue reading The $38.64 Daily Digital Nomad Budget