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Time for a rhyme: Starting a blog

What are the ups and downs of starting a blog? It’s not easy without cleavage or cute cats. Joburg Rudolph rhymes about the highs and lows of his first month as a blogger.

SEO Gold for Starting a Blog. A Trump Cat. Photo by Manuel Flickr

My first November blogging has been schweet

I’m glad I escaped corporate without cold feet

Been fun writing about nomads, maps and stats

But, I’d have more followers with cleavage or cute cats

No more anxiety from the corporate grind

Now ascending Alexa rank is all on my mind

Was worried editor Loukie would say I can’t write

Relief then to get good comments from reader Tite

Do you want to be a digital nomad too?

Then do a Google search for Nomadic You

I’m not on page one but down in the ditch

That Google search algorithm is a bitch

Facebook Robert says my jokes are lame

I’m still new, so trying to keep things tame

No fear from Twitter Alex who swears Trump

Hoping this bad hair cat will give my blog a bump

@NomadicYou How does one incorporate more cats and cleavage into a blog about digital nomads and downshifters?