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Nomad City Top 10 Emoji Transit Map

Nomadic You’s emoji transit map gives you a quick overview of the top 10 sights for each nomad city. From sights to shopping and more.

Top 10 Emoji Transit Map Cape Town
Top 10 Emoji Transit Map Cape Town

I love a good transit map; it is so much easier to see the lay of the land and to know where to stay to make the most of your digital nomad trip or long-term downshifting life.



The largest transit accessible shopping mall in the city. Meet the locals, shop till you drop, catch a movie or grab some lunch.



A good selection of pavement cafes and fine food. The place to see and be seen in the city.



Where the city comes to life after dark. Party with the locals and research the local beer and wine.



A peaceful oasis in the city. Catch some sun and have an ice cream or two



Time for some exercise in the city. Somewhere to cycle, jog, paddle or even kite surf



A central location from which to explore the city. We highlight areas close to the city action by transit



The gay village. That part of the city with the best range of gay friendly restaurants and gay clubs.



Some older parts of the city. Take in the architecture and history of the nomadic city.



The main international airport. Enter and exit nomadic city here. We highlight transit routes from the airport.



The main metro or rapid bus stations; We highlight the most important transit line in the city.



One of the most scenic spots in the city. Be sure to look your best for a selfie (and don’t wander into oncoming traffic).

@nomadicyou Do you like to #travel by #transit? What activities are top of your list exploring a #nomadcity?