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The easiest WordPress blog Social Media Plan

Don’t have a hot sex video to drive traffic to your blog? Or much time or money?

Then this WordPress blog social media plan is for you.

Worpress blog Social Media Plan Trailer Screenshot Tippi Hedren
Trailer Screenshot Tippi Hedren in A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)

If you are testing the blogging waters before leaving your desk job, then time is at a premium. You’ll need to find enough hours in a day to master WordPress and write blog posts too. By the time it comes to marketing your blog on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be too pooped.

But alas, as witty as the writing may be, very few people will view your posts unless you make the time to market it on social media. The question then is; How little social media can you get away with?

The good news is that I have just helped an editing freelancer at www.catandkeyboard.com with this exact dilemma. Here are my Top 8 tips on creating the most social media impact for your WordPress blog with the littlest time:

#1 Publicize with Jetpack

Publicize makes it easy to share your site’s posts on several social media networks automatically when you publish a new post. At the very least select Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. What a time saver when each blog posts automatically updates on multiple social media networks.

#2 Speak a thousand words with images

You’ll be able to find images that you can use for free, even commercially, under the Advanced Settings Tab in Google Images. Be sure to select something emotive that will excite your readers. Save time by using less text and more imagery.

#3 Sharing buttons and controversial content

Download the AddThis, ShareThis or Simple Share button plugins for wordpress and show the buttons everywhere you can. You can get away with less blog posts if your readers are eager to share your existing posts on Reddit, Pinterest and Facebook. Have a strong opinion and flirt with controversy if you can, to get easy social media exposure.

#4 Add connections and friends

With Jetpack publicize you will already have blog updates publishing to LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. What a great reminder for your friends and connections to go view your blog. Be sure to spend some of your time inviting friends and adding connections.

#5 Finding followers with images

Jetpack publicize won’t publish to Pinterest. But don’t ignore this useful platform. Think of fun and relevant boards to create for your blog and pin your blog images into useful groupings. You’ll be able to pin your Twitter images too. But, don’t look to spammy on Pinterest. Re-pin some related content too from other pinners.

#6 If it doesn’t move hashtag it

Building a Twitter following is hard and your message may get lost between all the thousands of tweets. Be sure to use hashtags smartly to make your tweets searchable. The hashtags you use should be relevant to the followers you are seeking to grow. Try to use three or four at most so that each tweet is still readable.

#7 Share, Re-pin and Re-tweet

I created a wonderful original twitter post of a woman kissing a seal and including some lyrics by Seal. I ended up losing followers for my time and effort. Better lyrics next time please Mr Seal… Strangely, you can spend a fraction of the time with a good re-pin on Pinterest or Re-tweet on Twitter that will gain you a following.

#8 Follow and you may be followed in return

It doesn’t take much time to follow someone on Twitter or Pinterest and you may be followed in return. Try to add someone who matches the demographic that you are targeting with your blog. You are more likely to be rewarded with a like for your tweet or pin.

@NomadicYou Have you devised your WordPress blog social media plan? What has taken little time but had huge impact?