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Beat the heatwave in these hottest cities

Which cities should I avoid in summer? Top 25 hottest cities; Delhi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and other budget destinations


Yes, some like it hot. But, May in Delhi is a sizzling affair and wouldn’t get many likes. Rather have a look at the steamiest months in this list of the hottest cities.

Asia in April

The downside of a beach-break to Thailand or Bali in April, is that you may not want to leave your air-conditioned hotel room. Chiang Mai will be bursting at the seams with sweaty nomads in April with average daytime highs of 36.5°C (102.6°F). The Bali beaches have April highs averaging 34.4°C (93.9°F) and Phuket is not much cooler than that.

April in Bogota is a much milder maiden and she doesn’t really warrant a mention on this list. But, I threw her and Saint Petersburg in nonetheless.

The hottest months in 25 Budget destinations

City Rank Hottest Average High
1 Delhi May 39.2°C 102.6°F
2 Chiang Mai April 36.5°C 97.7°F
3 Bangkok April 35.4°C 95.7°F
4 Bali April 34.4°C 93.9°F
5 Antalya July 34.2°C 93.6°F
6 Bangalore April 34.0°C 93.2°F
7 Phuket April 33.9°C 93.0°F
8 Athens August 33.7°C 92.7°F
9 Hanoi July 32.9°C 91.2°F
10 PlayaDelCarmen August 32.9°C 91.2°F
11 Colombo April 31.8°C 89.2°F
12 Johor Bahru April 31.7°C 89.1°F
13 Buenos Aires January 30.4°C 86.7°F
14 Santiago January 29.4°C 84.9°F
15 Lisbon August 28.3°C 82.9°F
16 Mexico City May 26.8°C 80.2°F
17 Istanbul August 26.8°C 80.2°F
18 Budapest July 26.7°C 80.1°F
19 Lima February 26.5°C 79.7°F
20 Cape Town February 26.5°C 79.7°F
21 Johannesburg January 25.6°C 78.1°F
22 Warsaw July 24.4°C 75.9°F
23 Prague July 24.4°C 75.9°F
24 SaintPetersburg July 23.0°C 73.4°F
25 Bogota April 20.3°C 68.5°F

@NomadicYou Is April in #chiangmai too hot to handle? Or is mid-summer in #lisbon warm enough for you?