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Hotel Room vs AirBnB Apartment Cost Comparison

What you can expect to pay in Warsaw, Budapest, Johannesburg, Athens, Istanbul, Lisbon and Cape Town for a hotel room versus an AirBnB apartment?

AirBnB Apartment Cost vs Hotel Cost. Photo Flickr
AirBnB Apartment Cost vs Hotel Cost. Photo Flickr

Budget Destination: Average AirBnB Apartment Cost

For this comparison, we looked at the average cost for an AirBnB ‘entire place’ for a one night stay. Yes, it is possible to get a ‘room only’, but it seems a fairer comparison since hotel rooms have an own bathroom.

The main benefit of having an AirBnB would be access to a kitchen and (often) a separate living area. Also, it can be useful if the AirBnB comes with a washing machine. Lastly, AirBnB apartments may be in quieter residential neighbourhoods; if you like a jog in the ‘burbs.

AirBnB “Entire Place”      
Warsaw $61.03 €57.98 £50.04
Budapest $65.55 €62.28 £53.75
Athens $68.11 €64.70 £55.85
Johannesburg $73.88 €70.18 £60.58
Istanbul $75.34 €71.57 £61.78
Lisbon $96.36 €91.54 £79.02
Cape Town $130.38 €123.86 £106.91

Budget Destination: Average Three Star Hotel Cost

The advantages in staying in a hotel versus an AirBnB are; Hotels are in more central city locations near transit; this central location  means there are more amenities and entertainment options close by. Secondly, the hotel staff are on hand to clean your room and to quickly address any problems you may be having . Lastly, you may feel more secure, especially if the hotel has surveillance systems and security guards.

Nomadic You has researched the best budget hotels to stay that are near public transport. These are the average three-star hotel prices we have so far;

Three Star Hotel Average      
Athens $48.23 €45.82 £39.55
Budapest $49.29 €46.83 £40.42
Istanbul $49.86 €47.37 £40.89
Warsaw $51.19 €48.63 £41.98
Johannesburg $56.59 €53.76 £46.40
Lisbon $63.95 €60.75 £52.44
Cape Town $85.56 €81.28 £70.16

Is a Hotel room or an AirBnB best?

Both options have pros and cons then. But, it seems that an AirBnB apartment will often come at a premium. We find that AirBnB apartments in Warsaw have the smallest price premium at $9.84 per night. While Cape Town has the largest at $44.82.

AirBnB Premium Hotel AirBnB Premium
Warsaw $51.19 $61.03 $9.84
Budapest $49.29 $65.55 $16.26
Johannesburg $56.59 $73.88 $17.29
Athens $48.23 $68.11 $19.88
Istanbul $49.86 $75.34 $25.48
Lisbon $63.95 $96.36 $32.41
Cape Town $85.56 $130.38 $44.82

@NomadicYou Do you prefer to pay the extra AirBnB apartment cost for the space and an equipped kitchen?

My hunch is that digital nomads and remote workers would rather have a quick hotel breakfast and save the time they would otherwise have spent in the AirBnB kitchen.