Nomadic Me: A case study in Escaping Corporate

Escaping Corporate, Nomadic Me, Nomadic Rudolph
Escaping Corporate, Nomadic Me, Nomadic Rudolph

Escaping Corporate and dealing with being laid off; My journey from anxiety and CFS to being a digital nomad in the gig economy

My name is Rudolph and I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have recently escaped the corporate world where I worked as a Risk Manager. Now I am looking for a happy work/life balance as a digital nomad.

This is quite a transition from working in corporate to being part of the gig economy. But, it was a transition I had to make. All the anxiety of corporate and impending layoffs at the company I worked for was getting to be too much. I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I knew I had to make a drastic change.

Part of the change is shifting my sources of income and embracing remote work. I love property, so some Cape Town holiday rentals are part of my passive income strategy. The other is this blog; My mission for this blog is for it to evolve into a useful resource and forum for downshifters, digital nomads and simple living enthusiasts. Follow my journey to see if I can make it in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce.

The upside of remote working is being able to work from your laptop anywhere in the world. The key is to find somewhere affordable to maintain that work-life balance. Johannesburg is certainly affordable and well worth consideration for all the digital nomads and downshifters out there. Although, I would be keen on exploring a bit further. I’m thinking of Lisbon next. But will research some other options too and let you know my Top 25 budget destinations.

@nomadicyou What is the best way to escape corporate? How do you thrive in your new #digitalnomad or #downshifting life?