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Beat the heatwave in these hottest cities

Which cities should I avoid in summer? Top 25 hottest cities; Delhi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and other budget destinations


Yes, some like it hot. But, May in Delhi is a sizzling affair and wouldn’t get many likes. Rather have a look at the steamiest months in this list of the hottest cities.

Asia in April

The downside of a beach-break to Thailand or Bali in April, is that you may not want to leave your air-conditioned hotel room. Chiang Mai will be bursting at the seams with sweaty nomads in April with average daytime highs of 36.5°C (102.6°F). The Bali beaches have April highs averaging 34.4°C (93.9°F) and Phuket is not much cooler than that.

April in Bogota is a much milder maiden and she doesn’t really warrant a mention on this list. But, I threw her and Saint Petersburg in nonetheless.

The hottest months in 25 Budget destinations

City Rank Hottest Average High
1 Delhi May 39.2°C 102.6°F
2 Chiang Mai April 36.5°C 97.7°F
3 Bangkok April 35.4°C 95.7°F
4 Bali April 34.4°C 93.9°F
5 Antalya July 34.2°C 93.6°F
6 Bangalore April 34.0°C 93.2°F
7 Phuket April 33.9°C 93.0°F
8 Athens August 33.7°C 92.7°F
9 Hanoi July 32.9°C 91.2°F
10 PlayaDelCarmen August 32.9°C 91.2°F
11 Colombo April 31.8°C 89.2°F
12 Johor Bahru April 31.7°C 89.1°F
13 Buenos Aires January 30.4°C 86.7°F
14 Santiago January 29.4°C 84.9°F
15 Lisbon August 28.3°C 82.9°F
16 Mexico City May 26.8°C 80.2°F
17 Istanbul August 26.8°C 80.2°F
18 Budapest July 26.7°C 80.1°F
19 Lima February 26.5°C 79.7°F
20 Cape Town February 26.5°C 79.7°F
21 Johannesburg January 25.6°C 78.1°F
22 Warsaw July 24.4°C 75.9°F
23 Prague July 24.4°C 75.9°F
24 SaintPetersburg July 23.0°C 73.4°F
25 Bogota April 20.3°C 68.5°F

@NomadicYou Is April in #chiangmai too hot to handle? Or is mid-summer in #lisbon warm enough for you?

When to travel to avoid the monsoon

Which cities have a monsoon? Top 25 rainiest cities; Colombo, Phuket, Bali and other budget destinations


Nothing puts a damper on a good city break quite like being stuck in a rainy monsoon. Save yourself some research, by having a quick look at this list of the rainiest months in 25 budget destinations. Travelling to Asia takes especially careful planning, not only are some months very hot but other times of the year are best to avoid because of the rain.

When is the rainiest month in Asia?

If you are travelling to Thailand, you may want to avoid the rainiest months of August and September. Phuket gets 361 mm (14.22 in) of rain in September and Bangkok comes close to matching that. If you are travelling to Bali, the rainiest month to avoid is January with 345 mm (13.16 in). Colombo tops the list with November’s averaging a very wet 414 mm (16.32 in).

No need to worry about monsoon rains when travelling to the South American cities of Lima or Santiago though. Both cities are sunny and dry.

City Rank Rainiest Monthly Average
1 Colombo November 414 mm 16.32 in
2 Phuket September 361 mm 14.22 in
3 Bali January 345 mm 13.58 in
4 Bangkok September 334 mm 13.16 in
5 Hanoi August 318 mm 12.52 in
6 Johor Bahru December 287 mm 11.32 in
7 PlayaDelCarmen October 284 mm 11.19 in
8 Antalya December 263 mm 10.37 in
9 Delhi July 237 mm 9.33 in
10 Chiang Mai August 217 mm 8.54 in
11 Bangalore September 212 mm 8.38 in
12 Mexico City July 190 mm 7.46 in
13 Buenos Aires March 172 mm 6.78 in
14 Bogota October 137 mm 5.39 in
15 Johannesburg January 125 mm 4.92 in
16 Istanbul December 122 mm 4.80 in
17 Lisbon December 122 mm 4.80 in
18 Cape Town June 93 mm 3.66 in
19 SaintPetersburg August 83 mm 3.27 in
20 Prague May 77 mm 3.04 in
21 Warsaw July 73 mm 2.87 in
22 Santiago June 70 mm 2.75 in
23 Athens December 69 mm 2.72 in
24 Budapest June 63 mm 2.48 in
25 Lima September 5 mm 0.21 in

@NomadicYou How many days of #monsoon can you cope with? What is the best distraction on a rainy #Phuket day?

Video of Top Budget Destinations

What are the cheapest cities to visit in the World? Bangalore, Delhi, Chiang Mai and more. Enjoy this Video of Top Budget Destinations

Delhi kabi1990
Delhi kabi1990

Need some help in deciding what your next destinations should be? Then try the Nomadic You channel on YouTube. This first video on the channel lists the 25 cheapest destinations.

How cheap is India?

You should be able to get by on $29.29 per day in Delhi and $21.97 in Bangalore. I found Delhi to be far better value for money than Mumbai when I visited India. There is a good range of excellent hotels to choose from and the dining is cheap too.

The travel cost per day in the video has been researched from a number of places including Numbeo and Nomadic List. You can stay within this travel budget by using public transport, eating where the locals do and either staying in an AirBnB or using hotels in low season.

Nomadic You Channel Video #1

@NomadicYou Which of these #citybreak Top 25 have you been to? Does #bangalore deserve it’s top spot?

Nomadic List: Top 25 Coldest Cities

Which cities should I avoid in winter? Top 25 coldest cities; Saint Petersburg, Warsaw, Prague and other budget destinations


The January problem

This South African blogger is probably not brave enough to spend my January in some of these coldest cities.  Are you up for average January night-time temperatures of (8.0°C)/ 17.6°F in Saint Petersburg? Think I should stick to Jo’burg or Cape Town rather to avoid freezing toes.

Clearly there is no need to fear winter in many of the Asian cities. In fact, the mildest months in Bangkok, Colombo, Bali, Johor Bahru and Phuket may be the best time of the year to go.  I’m sure many digital nomads pack for January in Asia.

Coldest budget destinations

Here is a rundown of the average night-time lows for the Nomadic You budget destinations. Yes, there are certainly colder places than Phuket, but it is still useful to see how cold (or not so cold) Thailand can be.

City Rank Coldest Average Low
1 SaintPetersburg January (8.0°C) 17.6°F
2 Warsaw January (4.2°C) 24.4°F
3 Prague January (4.0°C) 25.0°F
4 Budapest January (1.6°C) 29.1°F
5 Santiago July 2.5°C 36.5°F
6 Istanbul January 3.2°C 37.8°F
7 Johannesburg June 4.1°C 39.4°F
8 Antalya January 5.9°C 42.6°F
9 Athens January 6.8°C 44.2°F
10 Cape Town July 7.0°C 44.6°F
11 Mexico City January 7.4°C 45.3°F
12 Delhi January 7.6°C 45.7°F
13 Bogota January 7.6°C 45.7°F
14 Buenos Aires July 7.7°C 45.9°F
15 Lisbon January 8.3°C 46.9°F
16 Hanoi January 13.7°C 56.7°F
17 Lima August 14.6°C 58.3°F
18 Chiang Mai January 14.9°C 58.8°F
19 Bangalore January 15.8°C 60.4°F
20 PlayaDelCarmen January 17.9°C 64.2°F
21 Bangkok December 22.0°C 71.6°F
22 Colombo January 22.3°C 72.1°F
23 Bali August 22.5°C 72.5°F
24 Johor Bahru January 23.3°C 73.9°F
25 Phuket December 24.4°C 75.9°F

 @NomadicYou Is a cheap winter #citybreak enough to make you brave the #Prague cold? How do you make the most of winter in your nomadic city?

Top 25 Cheap Flights Cities

Which cities are the cheapest to fly to? Top 25 Cheap Flights Cities; Istanbul, Bangkok, Delhi and other airport hub budget destinations


Travel Budget

The cost of flights makes up a big chunk of any digital nomad’s expenses. Make your passive income stretch further. Consider not only those cities with the lowest travel cost per day (such as Bangalore), but also those that have the cheapest flights.

You could be reading this blog from anywhere in the world and the cities on this list that are closest to where you are based will likely be the cheapest flights cities for you.

Budget Destination Airports

But, my untested theory is this; The larger the airport hub, the more airlines are competing for routes and the lower airfares are likely to be in general. Istanbul, Bangkok and Delhi are examples of large airport hubs. Johor Bahru is a bit of a grey area; the airport is in neighbouring Singapore.

City Rank Busiest Airports (Passengers)
1 Istanbul Ataturk 61,322,729
2 Johor Bahru Singapore Changi 55,448,964
3 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi 52,902,110
4 Delhi Indira Gandi 48,424,165
5 Mexico City Benito Juarez 40,711,006
6 Bogota El Dorado 30,000,000
7 Antalya Antalya 27,783,199
8 Lima Jorge Chavez 20,575,919
9 Johannesburg O.R. Tambo 20,375,626
10 Lisbon Humberto Dlgdo 20,110,805
11 PlayaDelCarmen Cancun 19,596,485
12 Bangalore Kempegowda 18,111,096
13 Athens Eleftherios Vnzls 18,086,894
14 Santiago Pudaheul 17,251,406
15 Hanoi Noi Bai 17,213,715
16 Bali Ngurah Rai 15,630,839
17 SaintPetersburg Pulkovo 13,211,371
18 Phuket Phuket 12,859,356
19 Prague Vaclav Havel 12,030,928
20 Warsaw Chopin 11,205,222
21 Budapest Ferenc Liszt 10,289,180
22 Cape Town Cape Town 9,700,000
23 Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini 9,127,908
24 Colombo Bandaranaike 8,526,578
25 Chiang Mai Chiang Mai 8,365,851

@NomadicYou How much do you spend on flights per year? What is the best flight deal you have your eyes on now?

Nomadic List: Top 10 affordable Visa Free countries

Affordable visa free countries for digital nomads and downshifters. US and UK citizens have plenty of options, from Peru to South Africa and more


Slow Travel

For the digital nomads working remotely from all corners of the globe is easy if you have a good Wi-Fi connection. But the cost of all those flights soon adds up. That will simply not do; having to work long gig economy hours and not having time for the Antalya beaches or pubs.

Try some slow travel then to keep the airfare budget down. These 10 visa free countries are both affordable and come without the visa fuss. Of course, UK citizens can make use of their Visa free entry in to Europe before the Brexit negotiations topple the apple cart. US citizens can also enjoy 3 months visa free travel to the 26 Schengen area countries. (Pity then I only hold a South African passport.)

Visa Run

Downshifters will likely be more concerned with the retirement visa requirements. Although you could bypass even this, by doing a visa run and popping back to your home country each time the tourist visa expires.

What is stopping you then? Escaping the gloomy English weather or a Trump presidency is easier than you think! (Apparently the Canadian immigration website has crashed as I write, hehe) Now all you need to do is convince your significant other; but it should be an easy sell, who can resist Peru or Mexico?

Top 10 affordable Visa Free countries

  1.       Peru: Visa Free up to 183 days on arrival
  2.       Mexico: 180 days Visa Free
  3.       Turkey: 3 months with an eVisa
  4.       Malaysia: 3 months Visa Free
  5.       South Africa: 90 days Visa Free
  6.       Argentina: 90 days Visa free
  7.       Chile: 90 days Visa free
  8.       Colombia: 90 days Visa Free
  9.       Ecuador: 90 days Visa Free
  10.   Nepal: 90 days Visa on Arrival

@NomadicYou Do you prefer slow #travel or a quick visit. #Peru, #Nepal or #Turkey? And how long do you need to immerse yourself?

Nomad City Top 10 Emoji Transit Map

Nomadic You’s emoji transit map gives you a quick overview of the top 10 sights for each nomad city. From sights to shopping and more.

Top 10 Emoji Transit Map Cape Town
Top 10 Emoji Transit Map Cape Town

I love a good transit map; it is so much easier to see the lay of the land and to know where to stay to make the most of your digital nomad trip or long-term downshifting life.



The largest transit accessible shopping mall in the city. Meet the locals, shop till you drop, catch a movie or grab some lunch.



A good selection of pavement cafes and fine food. The place to see and be seen in the city.



Where the city comes to life after dark. Party with the locals and research the local beer and wine.



A peaceful oasis in the city. Catch some sun and have an ice cream or two



Time for some exercise in the city. Somewhere to cycle, jog, paddle or even kite surf



A central location from which to explore the city. We highlight areas close to the city action by transit



The gay village. That part of the city with the best range of gay friendly restaurants and gay clubs.



Some older parts of the city. Take in the architecture and history of the nomadic city.



The main international airport. Enter and exit nomadic city here. We highlight transit routes from the airport.



The main metro or rapid bus stations; We highlight the most important transit line in the city.



One of the most scenic spots in the city. Be sure to look your best for a selfie (and don’t wander into oncoming traffic).

@nomadicyou Do you like to #travel by #transit? What activities are top of your list exploring a #nomadcity?