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Home of Digital Nomads and Downshifters. How  you can escape corporate, enjoy work-life balance, work remotely and live in exotic budget destinations

Nomadic You Home of digital nomads and downshifters
Nomadic You Home of digital nomads and downshifters

My mission for this blog is for it to evolve into a useful resource and forum for downshifters, digital nomads and simple living enthusiasts.

I’m not sure which category I fit into yet.  I was pondering escaping to Betty’s Bay near Cape Town to downshift and relax after my anxious life in corporate. But 39 is probably a bit early for downshifting. I’m sure most downshifters are a bit older than me, empty nesters and looking for semi-retirement and something stress-free and fun to work on part-time.

Also, I’d imagine being a digital nomad is not that easy if you have kids of a school going age. Unless you want to home school on the road. Maybe touring in an RV with the kids is possible? So, I’m picturing the digital nomads out there to be younger (pre-children & single) and more tech savvy than me.

The great thing about having a forum like is to share tips and ideas. From escaping corporate, enjoying work-life balance, working remotely and the best exotic nomad cities to visit or live in; let’s explore the answers together.

Welcome to Nomadic You! Here’s what you can expect in the weeks to come:



My thoughts and experiences on escaping corporate and making my way in the gig economy. Which nomadic city will I be in next?



Views, tips and musings from authors, bloggers and our community taken from Twitter and our Facebook page.



Must-read books on digital nomad and downshifting life. We ask authors to share some thoughts on nomadic topics.



Influential bloggers share their musings on being a downshifter or nomad. These peeps share practical advice on their nomadic city



Great value and centrally located hotels that make a great base for exploring by transit. Which hotels offer the best discounts?



The top 10 (or 25) of everything nomadic. The cheapest, sunniest, liveliest and best dining cities for digital nomads and downshifters.

 @nomadicyou Are you a #digitalnomad or #downshifter? Does #remotework in an exotic destination appeal to you?