Your Budget Destinations Rough Guide

Hit the ground running with a good travel guide. Nomadic You rounds up the;

Budget Destinations Rough Guide
Budget Destinations Rough Guide

Top 10 Travel books: Budget Destinations Rough Guide

“Make the Most of Your Time on Earth” is quite a cool slogan for The Rough Guide Series. I’ve been enjoying reading their guide for Europe on a budget. And found some good tips for exploring Athens and Istanbul.

Better still, is that whether I visit Prague, Budapest, Warsaw or Lisbon next, all the info is packed into one guide. The rough guide’s suggestions for the best budget hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants will help me manage my travel budget along the way.

Remember to get the latest edition; clubs and bars come and go, it helps to have the latest update on those city nightlife options. Here are some more books on my wishlist;


  #1 Hong-Kong, Thailand, Myanmar and the rest of the region. The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a Budget Paperback – September 29, 2014 
  #2 39 countries, including Greece, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget Paperback – March 3, 2014
  #3 Traveling the continent and getting the most value for every dollar, peso, real, or sol.  The Rough Guide to South America On a Budget Paperback – September 15, 2015 
  #4 First-hand reviews of affordable accommodation, laid-back bars, and outdoor adventures The Rough Guide to Central America on a Budget Paperback – November 3, 2015 
  #5 From Baja California’s beaches to detailed practical advice on what to see and do in Mexico City. The Rough Guide to Mexico Paperback – June 21, 2016 
  #6 Mediterranean beaches, legendary ancient sites, to the exotic, domed skyline of Byzantine and Ottoman-era Istanbul. The Rough Guide to Turkey Paperback – June 21, 2016
  #7 Whether you want to trek Chang Mai, explore the temples and waterways of Bangkok, or just relax on an idyllic Phuket beach. The Rough Guide to Thailand Paperback – October 6, 2015
  #8 Hang out in hyper-modern cities, explore thousand-year-old temples, or take part in age-old festivals. The Rough Guide to India (Rough Guide India) Paperback – November 1, 2016 
  #9 The wilds of Kruger National Park, whale watching in Hermanus, to Cape Town’s vibrant dining scene. The Rough Guide to South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland Paperback – March 17, 2015
  #10 The fashionable cities of Lisbon and Porto, to every beach along the Algarve The Rough Guide to Portugal Paperback – 1 Jan 2014

@NomadicYou What are the best tips you’ve come across in a travel guide? Which Budget Destinations Rough Guide will you get next?

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